Thursday, 21 May 2015

Flower of the Week ~ Stock

Yay! for the cooler months because Stock (fancy name Matthiola Incana) is in season. It comes in the most gorgeous colours ~ lemon, peach, soft pink, mauve, vibrant purple, magenta, bright pink and of course the all time classic, white. It smells like spice ~ perfect for the cooler weather and its flowers are very soft on the nose (yes I get that close).

It's an English garden classic that has been around since the Roman Empire ~ that's pretty cool! It's flower meaning is even cooler... It symbolises lasting beauty and a happy life. 

To keep them fresh, change the water as often as you can, at least every second day and give them a quick snip at an angle every time. Take off any yellowing or damaged leaves as well and you should get at least a week from them. Unmaintained Stock is well known for making the water smell like cabbage.... and you don't want that!

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